Ryback says a match against Bill Goldberg at AEW All In would “exceed all expectations”

As previously noted, Bill Goldberg was challenged to a retirement match by former WWE star Ryback.

Ryback has continued to tease the match on social media with a fan-created graphic of him and Goldberg at AEW All In. Ryback also wrote the following messages…

“Feed Me Goldberg! Despite @wwe illegally restricting my social media the last 7 years YOU great fans have kept me alive. We have a lot of work to do, but MY story is just beginning. @lindayacc @elonmusk The truth always wins and my Hunger will never be fulfilled! #Hungry @Goldberg”

“It [Ryback vs. Goldberg] will have the best story, be the most viewed match with social media views, and exceed all expectations.”

“I’ve called him out from the beginning. It’s the one match I’ve always wanted. Give me an unsanctioned match and give me 1-2 months of media appearances and let me work my magic. There isn’t another human as motivated as me and who could have survived what I have. Now it’s my turn!”