Rumor regarding what WWE has planned for The Usos

The Usos were unsuccessful in their effort to win the tag team titles on the June 4th 2021 edition of WWE Smackdown.

According to Paul Davis of, there are reportedly still plans for the Usos to be fully aligned with Roman Reigns and win the tag team titles by Summerslam.

Davis stated that he was told the following from a source…

“Obviously, the plan is to build Roman up so fans see him as being on the level of Cena and Rock but this is also about making Jimmy and Jey look strong and we will get there by Summerslam. This will be a tight-knit unit in a few months.”

Even though Reigns will be facing Rey Mysterio at the Hell in a Cell PPV, the Mysterios are expected to continue feuding with the Usos.