Rumor killer regarding Braun Strowman and WWE

On Monday night, screenshots of “new” Braun Strowman merchandise from were circulating around social media. This led to speculation that Strowman was going to appear on WWE RAW to answer Bobby Lashley’s open challenge.

As it turns out, the merchandise that is labeled as “new” was actually released before Strowman was let go from the company. While Strowman could still return to WWE, the merchandise is not an indication that his return is imminent.

Cable V. explained the situation…

“There are several other muscle and tank tops on WWE Shop that are listed as ‘new’ but have been there since their summer releases. If you look at the Monsters are Real tank top on WWE shop, there is a certified purchase review dated 7/7. WWE Shop standard shipping takes 7 to 14 day, so the shirt was bought in June. Chances are the shirt was bought before that when it went up for preorder, with a number of other tanks and muscle shirts, and it finally shipped. People saw the ‘new’ tag on WWE Shop and assumed it was new, when in actuality, it probably just came off preorder. Same thing happened to some Daniel Bryan merch after his contract expired.”