Ronda Rousey comments on what she thinks has been missing from the WWE women’s division

In a video published to her YouTube channel, Ronda Rousey gave her thoughts on the WWE women’s division…

“One thing that’s really missing is none of the women have storylines aside from titles, like you watch pay per views and there’s several men’s matches that aren’t for titles and the women don’t really get any non-title storylines which I feel like would really add to the depth of people getting to know everyone’s different character before they got into the title picture.”

“I mean there’s just not enough women on either of the rosters. I mean, you could argue that there’s not enough airtime for all you know, the men and women’s rosters combined. So it’s like do you reduce the roster and give everyone more airtime? Or do you add to the roster and give it more depth.” (quotes courtesy of