Ronda Rousey claims that a WWE star acted inappropriately towards her while she was working for the company

While speaking with Brian Entin of NewsNation to promote her new book Our Fight, Ronda Rousey commented on an incident that allegedly occurred during her time with WWE…

“Bruce Prichard and another one of the writers and God, I forgot his name. I can’t believe I forgot this guy’s name. It’ll come back to me, but I was standing there, and this guy that was like barely an acquaintance with, grabs the string of, like, my sweat pants as I’m walking by. And like, nobody, like, I wasn’t even looking at him, you know? And, I I looked down the hall, and I was like, I don’t know if I can swear on this, you’re gonna bleep me? It’s a quote, okay, by this guy grabs the string my sweatpants and nobody else reacts as if this is abnormal. And he’s like, he comes out, and he starts going down the hall. I’m just like, what is that? Like? Why are we grabbing the string of my sweatpants? Like, if my husband was standing here next to me, would you feel comfortable walking up to me and grabbing the string of my sweatpants, but nobody around me acted as if it was abnormal? Like they’re like, all the guys around me were just like, you know, this is part of the day, and I’m like if this guy is coming up to me and doing this kind of stuff to me when there’s other people around like what’s happening to these other girls when it’s not in a hallway or something like that. So that really really put me on an edge to, like, not only is this like behavior prevalent, but it’s so prevalent that people don’t even realize it’s a problem anymore.”

“Dude, I swear to God, I know exactly what he looks like. And I completely blanking on his name. Is this part of my concussion test what it was? Drew Gulak, that’s who it was. Yes. Yeah, I would confront him later and I was like, ‘if I ever hear about you putting like your hands on any other woman like this or doing anything like this to me ever again, we’re gonna have,’ you know, I’m editing myself all the swear words out but we’re gonna have a problem. And he was like, ‘No, no, you know, I’m glad that you said something to me.’ He was really like backpedaled and everything like that, but I just put a really, really sour taste in my mouth about, you know, the culture there and what’s considered acceptable and how to touch and treat the women in the hallways and anywhere but backstage.” (quotes courtesy of