Roman Reigns shoots down the idea of a Shield reunion

During an appearance on Peter Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat podcast, Roman Reigns commented on a possible Shield reunion…

“No. I have a lot of respect for what we did. A lot of that time was really pivotal for me to learn and gain experience and be around other performers and see their process and how they attack and think about things, but where I’m at now, it’s a one-man show. I have the family dynamic with [The Usos], but I call the shots. It’s my thumb on this pole and I don’t think I could share it anymore.”

“Seth is a special performer, especially in-ring. It can be a cold situation, but you give us a crowd and give us a ring, we’ll make something special happen. Put us in a scenario like WrestleMania or SummerSlam, that chemistry and that ambition for greatness between the both of us will always be there and that’s what will make it special.” (quotes courtesy of