Roman Reigns addresses his transition to a part-time schedule in WWE

During an appearance on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, the unified WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns commented on his transition to a part-time schedule…

“I think the main thing is, when you’ve been on the road for almost 10 years straight, and someone who has been at the highest level, the main event level, I ran a full schedule for a long time. Even before we went to Fox, it changed to where it was Smackdown on Friday, then we did two live events Saturday, Sunday. Then there was the occasional Monday Night Raw. So that’s a four night schedule, which still isn’t as bad as what it used to be. I mean, we used to do Friday, Saturday, Sunday, live events, Monday Night Raw, then we would tape Smackdown on Tuesday. So we were only getting a day and a half because we flew out, and this is before private travel, buses, and all that stuff. So we would fly out Wednesday morning, get home, so you get half of Wednesday, you get home and you’re beat, you’re tired. You got half of that Wednesday. Then you have your Thursday to just try to handle personal life and family and everything that comes with that, and then you’re back out on Friday. So for me, it was really just trying to balance everything, and someone who has five children, we’re in a very critical portion of their lives where they’re so young. This is where we build these relationships and these bonds, and they get to know who their dad is. So for me, it was extremely important that I can build my fatherhood as the priority and the number one hat that I wear in WWE. Vince and everybody was really good about accommodating and making sure to keep me in the WWE family.”

“So the main thing is, no, we’re not going to be on every single pay-per-view. But anything that I am on, which will be of course all the major ones, and then a couple of the other ones that fall in between, the big four and the Saudis, I’ll always support those with TVs to build the story and the rivalry going forward. Compared to what I did, I guess technically you could say compared to a full-time on everything, you only get a day and a half a week, yeah, I guess it’s part-time compared to what I’ve usually run. But I mean, I’m an annual character on the WWE television.” (quotes courtesy of