Rob Van Dam comments on a possible return to WWE without Vince McMahon in charge

During an appearance on the Cafe de Rene, Rob Van Dam commented on possibly returning to WWE without Vince McMahon in charge…

“Do I like that Vince is no longer with WWE? No. I personally don’t think there’s anything in it for me because Vince was a friend and there’s no reason for me to believe at this point that the current guy that’s running things has any more interest in me than Vince did. For those reasons, just from my selfish perspective, I think [it was] better for me when Vince was there.”

“When they’re in town, I don’t even know who to visit. If they were in Vegas, if I stopped by normally it would have been to see Vince, maybe Booker [T], maybe Paul [Heyman] if they were there, maybe even Johnny Laurinaitis, not so much that I would go there just to say hi to him because he’s political like everyone else.” (quotes courtesy of