Road Dogg says he is a better sports entertainer than The Young Bucks but they have been more successful

During his podcast on, WWE Hall of Famer “Road Dogg” Brian James was asked if he considers himself to be a better sports entertainer than The Young Bucks. Here was James’ response…

“I have to say no….you know what, I’m going to say ‘yes, I am better’ than both of them. What I’m not going to say is that they are bad human beings and that they are bad at business. What they have done is far more successful than what I’ve ever done in this industry and kudos to you bros, for that. Now, you’re talking to the Road Dogg, and you’re asking if they are better, I go back to a time where I was a mizark for myself, and I’m sure you two are too, and let’s be honest, there once was a time where the D-O-Double G wasn’t bad at what he did. I was very humble I felt (in that answer) while being braggadocious. They are both talented individuals, good brothers, I’ve always heard they are good guys and I would love them, haven’t spent enough time around them to know.

Two prong answer: A, I’m better than them because I want the kick back on social media. Two, I gave them props for being way more successful than I have ever been. I feel I answered politically correct and professionally provocative.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)