Road Dogg on AEW: “Their television show is not fluid” and “things don’t connect”

During an interview with Josh Martinez for Superstar Crossover, WWE’s “Road Dogg” Brian James commented on the WWE product changing since Triple H took control of creative…

“We just booked a mixed card where both brands are on like a super card. Every match had a great talent. I thought ‘Man, what a freaking show.’”

“It really is all of our top talent. On top of that stack is The Bloodline and Sami Zayn, Sami and Roman in some of those backstages were priceless. And I mean award-winning nominations. I just think there’s some magic there. And it’s commonplace for me to say ‘Well this company’s the best and the other company’s not’ but their [AEW] television show is not fluid. Things don’t connect. And when I watch now I will admit three hours on RAW used to be a challenge. But for the last three months it’s been a joy to watch and a breeze to get through.” (quotes courtesy of