Road Dogg comments on Triple H running WWE and becoming the company’s “moral compass”

During his podcast, “Road Dogg” Brian James commented on Triple H running WWE and here are the highlights…

If he’s still one of the boys or more of a businessman now: “It’s both. He’s the one that can balance the two. He’s the moral compass that balances how much it is that I do. I mean, I can take the hint, I can read the room — if it’s time to play, we play. If it’s time to be serious, we just play a little [laughs]. But we’re not gonna stop joking around … like, you could be totally dead serious and one of us says something, and all start laughing, and he [Triple H] will bring us back.”

What Triple H told him when he came on as SVP of Live Events: “He’s like, ‘Don’t be afraid to ever ask me something, but also don’t get upset if I tell you no.’ And I’ve been told ‘no’ a bunch of times [since then]. He’s very good at letting you know where the line is — without being offensive whatsoever. That’s part of his magic, too, his [ability] to manage humans.” (quotes courtesy of