Road Dogg addresses report about WWE being ‘disappointed’ with NXT 2.0 so far

As previously noted, Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted that WWE is said to be “disappointed” with the first four months of the NXT 2.0 revamp.

“Road Dogg” Brian James, who was recently released from his backstage role with the brand, said that he disagrees with the source of the report…

“I disagree with their take. Think about it from a logical, business standpoint; They can do no wrong! Getting PAID for content, developing new character while getting experience in the ring. EVERY show wishes their ratings (which mean nothing) were higher. It’s working.”

“I’m the only thing not working down there lol you’re getting individual peoples feelings mixed up with business my friend. It’s working!”

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast said that he spoke with someone in regards to @WrestleVotes’ report and noted the following…

“According to my source, a lot of the blame is being put on the abruptness of how everything was changed.

‘Fan perception of the product isn’t helping either.'”