Ring of Honor COO sets the record straight about the promotion’s future

During the Ring of Honor Strong podcast, ROH COO Joe Koff addressed the promotion’s return from hiatus in the spring of 2022…

“We have some really nice things up our sleeves for the first of the year and as we get into the first quarter, we will start seeing, maybe not only the blueprint but the actual design of what the next Ring of Honor will look like. It’s too early for me to give much detail, but we do plan on delivery a product, one that epitomizes who we are. Not only deliver a product, but an experience for the fan that doesn’t exist today in the professional wrestling traditional landscape. I say that because we’ve always identified with our fans and have felt they are the lifeblood of who we are. That’s the reimagining we’re moving too; fan engagement, fan collaboration, and fan interest. How do we harness that to build a promotion that is built for and by the fans. That’s about as deep as I’m going to get because we are in the early stages. I’m not ready to get into full detail.”

“It’s always when (we return). I will always say that. ‘If’ and ‘when’…I think people are cynical at times about decisions like that. What seeped into the narrative, and it’s not uncommon, nor is it wrong or do I have an issue, is that we were shutting down when all we announced is that we were not doing any live events, live touring events, during the first quarter. We never used the word ‘shutting down,’ that became speculation because that’s what gets people interested in articles. Instead of talking about the good, it’s always much better and juicer to talk about ‘what if.’ I never talked about us shutting down. I said we would not be touring first quarter as we talked about how to reimagine the product and bring it back at Supercard or bring a product back at Supercard, which may not even be what the finished product will be. I’m not going to be held captive by that. Only I know the truth and my people know the truth. People trust the brand. It’s not going to be something that is dumb. it’s going to be something that is thought out and will enhance (the fan) feeling and experience they’ve had prior. Is everyone going to like it? I don’t know because it’s not finished yet. I’m sure there will be plenty of people that won’t and they’ll doom us. Then there will be people who will respect what we do and they will laud us. We’re in the court of public opinion and whoever wants to believe what I’m saying now will believe me and whoever wants to be in the ‘if’ camp, will be in the ‘if’ camp. I can’t change that.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)