Rikishi makes predictions about what is going to happen with The Bloodline leading into 2025

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi talked about what is going to happen with The Bloodline heading into 2025…

“I think The Bloodline’s gonna kinda take a backseat for a minute, recoup for a minute. We do have other players that are lined up to able to come through. But again, The Bloodline will always be there. It just has to be the right angle, the right storyline. Who knows?

I’m gonna go out and just throw this out there. I kinda see a WarGames. I kinda see somewhere down there The Rock turning on Roman Reigns. Rock becomes the heel, Roman comes back as a babyface. I kinda see The Bloodline family members spread up and take sides, and then I kind of see something huge as far as WarGames or some type of gimmick match, amongst each other. They would probably want to build that up for the next WrestleMania. To have that type of match being put together, it’d be nice to see that happen in the west coast because a lot our Polynesian culture, the west coast is island. Nothing but island people that are out here. Samoan, Tongan, you name it, a bunch of Polynesians, Hawaiian. So to be able to come out here and showcase that match in front of our people would be great.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)