Ricky Starks says CM Punk was one of the “great additions” to the AEW locker room

In 2021, Ricky Starks was one of the people that CM Punk called out for a match but it never happened. During an interview with DAZN.com, Starks commented on the promo and gave his overall thoughts on CM Punk…

“The Punk thing helped. Him saying those things about me really helped. What would have been great was to actually have a match with him. Things were kind of leading up to that, I thought; that’s one of the minor things that I’m actually annoyed about is that I never actually got to have a match. It’s not to stroke my own ego, but it’s about iron really sharpening iron. I’m the type of person who would be able to benefit from that, in terms of excelling in my talent. At the time where Hobbs turned on me, I think we were already there [crowd reacting favorably and momentum] and it was already a rolling boiling. Things had to have happened in that sense. Otherwise, to go another six or eight months and really just floating in limbo would not have been very beneficial to me, I don’t think.”

“I thought Punk, (William) Regal, these people that came in were great additions to the locker room. Great additions in terms of what they provided. I know, personally, I was able to talk to Punk a lot and get help on my promos and things like that. Same with Regal, because I’ve known him for so long. It was kind of a blow that both of these guys left. I am hopeful that down the line I do get that matchup. If not, I get it, that’s how the business is, but it would be nice. It would be nice to be able to work with somebody of that caliber because I’ve yet to work with, besides Sting, I’ve yet to work with somebody of such a high caliber, and the Sting match was a year or two ago.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)