Ricky Starks explains why he actually “hates” the concept of “pillars” in AEW

During an appearance on The Corner Podcast, Ricky Starks commented on the idea of himself being the “5th” pillar of AEW…

“Can I speak on that? I actually hate the idea of pillars. It’s weird, but I loathe the idea of a pillar because one, it’s a full gimmick and it came from one guy who – there’s nothing behind it. You get what I’m saying? To say that these four dudes are the pillar of the company, you know what you’re doing by saying that? F everybody else who did anything, those people don’t matter. It’s these three guys that we deemed. I have bestowed this sacred title upon thee and I want you to go forth and do with it. No, I don’t believe in that. It’s a very sweet gesture to say Ricky should be considered a fifth pillar. Davy, I don’t need to be a pillar, okay? I can be a foundation, I can be the roof, I can be the person outside maintaining the lawn. I don’t need none of that. Because to me, that’s a box within itself. Four pillars. You got me? Whacked? Four pillars. Four pillars are what? Name one coliseum that you know, that’s famous. I bet you couldn’t even do that.

So to say that these four guys are the ones that are going to make and break, let’s see the numbers. You all want to talk about ratings? Let’s see the ratings for y’all four. Let’s see how much money you all making. If you all want to keep bringing up all this bullshit, let’s see it pen to paper. How are the quarterly hours doing when you all are on TV? Let’s see it. I want to see it. The four pillars. Hell yeah. My paycheck is signed by those four dudes. Hell yeah. Let me see you get what I’m saying. I don’t even like the conversation. I don’t even want to be included. Keep me away from that shit. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be considered a pillar. This ain’t All Japan, you know what I’m saying?”