Ric Flair says WWE is “very political” right now and he liked the way Vince McMahon ran the company

While being interviewed by former WWE personality Charly Arnoldt, Hall of Famer Ric Flair commented on the current state of wrestling…

“I like the fact that the kids make a lot of money. That’s the most important thing. Unlike myself, they are more conscious because of the people around them and the culture being different of taking care of their money, paying taxes on time, stuff like that. It’s really corporate now, and I dressed the part, but I could never think like that. I don’t have the patience. AEW, very professional, it’s an easier pace. There are politics everywhere in the world, but the WWE right now is very political.”

“Everybody wants to run WWE. I liked the way Vince [McMahon] ran it. For better or worse, everybody knew where they stood more than they do now. Social media is out of control with stories. You don’t even know what’s real anymore.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)