Ric Flair says Vince McMahon is his hero and “doesn’t care what he does”

While speaking to Joe Rogan, Ric Flair continued to praise Vince McMahon during the following exchange about Endeavor’s acquisition…

Flair: I just can’t see Vince taking orders. That will be a strange one for me if someone tried to tell Vince what the hell to do.

Rogan: Who the fuck knows more about wrestling than that guy?

Flair: Nobody

Rogan: When he was getting involved in scandals and there was girls that he paid off. I just wanted to say, duh! Duh! You have an 80-year-old savage who is built like a fucking gladiator. Gee, you think he fucks? You think Vince McMahon is doing that for hee-hees and haw-haws? No, of course he has some floosies on the side.

Flair: He’s my hero.

Rogan: He’s an animal.

Flair: I judge people by how they treat me and he has treated me like…I’ve never had anyone treat me with more respect in this business.

Rogan: That’s awesome.

Flair: He’s a great guy. I don’t care what he does. He’s my hero.

Rogan: Before him, there was no one of that caliber. There was no one who put together an organization as big as WWF.

Flair: No. He’s got balls bigger than fucking Dallas, Texas. He’s not easily intimidated.

(transcription courtesy of Fightful.com)