Ric Flair: “Jim Ross lost every bit of credibility with me in life”

During his podcast, Ric Flair was critical of Jim Ross over an appearance on Dark Side of The Ring last year. In the documentary, JR discussed the infamous “Plane Ride From Hell” and said the following regarding Flair’s alleged inappropriate behavior on the flight

“He’s the life of the party. If you know him, you know where to exit the party and go to your own safe place or you don’t know the rules, and you find yourself in deep water.”

JR was also asked why Flair wasn’t suspended or punished…

“Good question. I guess for lack of a better term, he was a made man. He was such a high level made man that he got a pass. Was it the right thing to do? I don’t know. You’re listening to it, folks, you decide. He got a pass.”

JR later commented on how he felt he was “misrepresented a time or two” through the editing process.

Here is what Flair had to say regarding JR…

“Jim Ross lost every bit of credibility with me in life, in spite of calling me the greatest wrestler of all time or whatever in his induction, when he jumped on Dark Side of [the Ring],” Flair said. “Because all he is starving for and leaning on in life is to be relevant because he ain’t. I can forgive Jim Ross for Dark Side, which I have because there’s nothing worth it, but I don’t appreciate it. Jerry Lawler texted me, I don’t know how many people said, ‘What the f–k did Ross mean? You got to know when to walk away from Ric Flair?’ Well, the WWE learned when to walk away from Jim Ross. I’m going to the 30th reunion, do you think he is?”

“At the same time, Jim Ross will always be my favorite announcer. I’m not diminishing his skills. I’m not like Eric [Bischoff] saying I was no good at anything. I’m telling you Jim was the f—ing best but I also thought he was one of my best friends. A friend doesn’t do that.”  (quotes courtesy of F4WOnline.com)