Ric Flair fires back at Becky Lynch for saying he is ‘jealous’ of her and ‘dug himself in a hole’

As previously noted, Becky Lynch addressed Ric Flair by saying he was “jealous” of her and he “dug himself in a hole.”

Flair responded to Becky and shared an article about how he sold “The Man” trademark to WWE. Here is what Flair wrote…

“So Disappointed! I Did This Out Of Respect For You! It Made You Millions & Made Me Nothing. After 40 Years Of Being The Man… The Company Doesn’t Own It, And Neither Do You! I’ll Always Be The Man! Ask Your Husband.

In Closing, I’m Done Defending My Legacy! I APPRECIATE Everyone’s Hard Work And Will Respect Everyone’s Opinion To Agree Or Disagree! All I Can Say Is The Paper Trail Is Always The Be All And End All! Hear It All Next Wednesday On Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored! Let’s Focus On AEW Tonight!”