Ric Flair explains why he parted ways with WWE

Ric Flair, who made an appearance at the AAA TripleMania event last weekend, did an interview with SI.com and talked about why he left WWE…

“I have the greatest fondest memories from my time with WWE,” Flair says. “Vince [McMahon] has helped me become the man I am. And it’s not just Vince, it’s also Hunter [Paul “Triple H” Levesque] and Stephanie [McMahon]. I have so many friends there. They’ve been so good to me. But it was time. I simply wanted to be able to do more. They have a vision for their company, which they should have. And they were respectful enough for me to have a vision for my future, too.”

“Look at what I did this past weekend with Andrade and Kenny Omega. They never could have let me do that, which I understand. I keep thinking back to all the times Hunter said to me, ‘Ric, remember who you are.’ So I’m going out to pursue the things I want.”

Ric Flair Continues to Seize Post-WWE Opportunities

Over the past two weeks, Ric Flair hasn’t stopped trending on Twitter. Between his shocking release from WWE and his surprise appearance at AAA’s Triplemanía show, where he stood in the corner of future son-in-law Andrade, Flair has been a constant topic of conversation.