Rhea Ripley says her and Bianca Belair want to be the next Steve Austin and The Rock

During an interview with Joseph Staszewski of NYPost.com, Rhea Ripley talked about her rivalry with Bianca Belair…

“Bianca and I, it’s something that shouldn’t be rushed and we don’t want to rush it. Where that sort of felt like it’s gonna happen and that would be the end of it. We want our names to be etched in history. We want to leave our legacy where we can be in the ring together and make magic. Bianca and I are perfect rivals pretty much. We’ve talked about it in NXT before. We’ve talked about it here at Raw before. We pretty much want to be the next Stone Cold and The Rock. We want to have the storylines. We want to go out there and we want to steal the show.”

Ripley was supposed to challenge Belair for the RAW women’s title but wasn’t medically cleared due to an injury.