Rhea Ripley and Zelina Vega respond to viral video of Maxxine Dupri getting booed at a WWE live event

A video of Maxxine Dupri getting booed at a recent WWE live event has gone viral on Twitter/X. Fans have been debating as to whether or not she deserved to get booed considering her lack of experience in the wrestling business.

Women’s world champion Rhea Ripley addressed the video with the following message

“I really wish that some of you got booed and ridiculed in the public eye while being new at your job. Learning and getting better is all apart of being human. Be better as humans.”

Smackdown’s Zelina Vega also commented on the video…

“This is absolutely horrible. She doesn’t deserve that. She’s such a kind soul and works really hard. I would love if the bad parts of the biz don’t harden her heart. They probably just mad cuz they can’t drink your bath water Maxine.”