Rey Mysterio gives his public endorsement of rising star in WWE

In an interview with Baker Banter, WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio gave his public endorsement of rising star Dragon Lee…

“I see a lot of a young me in Dragon Lee. He is very unique with his style. Of course, he carries a tradition of lucha libre, which is the mask. The mask represents something way beyond just putting on a mask. It transforms you. It gives you a certain power of representation to our culture, representation to our sport.

Overall, he has the heart and determination to go in the ring and put it all on the line. I’ve seen that every time he steps in the ring. I endorse, myself, Dragon Lee to be the next superstar within WWE that’s a luchador. It’s been quite awhile. We’ve had several luchadors in WWE that have been given opportunities, but Dragon Lee is captivating and taking full advantage of this opportunity. He already beat Dominik for the North American Title. You can already see he’s going very big.” (quote courtesy of