Rey Mysterio comments on paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero at WWE Wrestlemania 39

As seen during the WWE Wrestlemania 39 Saturday PLE, Rey Mysterio made his entrance on a low-rider with Snoop Doog while Eddie Guerrero’s entrance music played for a short period of time. During the post-show press conference, Rey commented on the tribute…

“You can only imagine [what it meant to me] I already had mixed emotions from the Hall of Fame the night before, and the rebirth of the LWO [during this week’s SmackDown on FOX.] Knowing that I had to fight my son, knowing that my wife and daughter were there, a lot of family members. And on top of that [was the Guerrero tribute.]”

“To be able to ride with Snoop was legendary. ‘Nothin’ but a G’ is something I heard when I was a kid. When I was growing up, everybody heard that song. And then to mix it into Viva La Raza, the representation of the representor, the fullest representor of Hispanics: Eddie Guerrero. It’s incredible. I walked into that match very emotional, and a lot of my work tonight was in honor of Eddie Guerrero.” (quote courtesys of