Results of Zelina Vega vs. Doudrop at WWE Crown Jewel 2021

Queen’s Crown tournament finals
Zelina Vega vs. Doudrop

* Doudrop shoved Zelina down in the early moments. Zelina tried a roll through but was unsuccessful. Zelina managed to get the upper hand and worked over Doudrop with a sleeper. However, Doudrop was able to power out of it.

* Doudrop missed a canonball in the corner and Zelina regained the upper hand. However, Zelina had to drag Doudrop into the middle of the ring to make a pinfall attempt. Doudrop came back with a sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

* Doudrop got a nearfall after a running senton splash but Vega was able to win after hitting the code red. Zelina celebrated her victory on the stage and put on the crown. The match lasted almost six minutes.