Results of women’s title unification match at WWE NXT Worlds Collide 2022

Mandy Rose (NXT Women’s Champion) vs. Meiko Satomura (NXT UK Women’s Champion) vs. Blair Davenport in a triple threat match to unify the NXT Women’s Championship and the NXT UK Women’s Championship took place at WWE NXT Worlds Collide 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Satomura had streamers for her entrance. Mandy Rose, who was wearing a patriotic outfit, drove up to the building in her car.

* Rose and Davenport double teamed Satomura but their alliance quickly ended. Davenport slammed Satomura on the outside of the ring and turned her attention to Rose. Davenport hit a double stomp to Rose’s back on the outside and then it was Davenport vs. Satomura. Davenport was taken out of the equation which led to Rose and Satomura going at it.

* Rose hit a superplex to Davenport and then Satomura immediately hit a frogsplash to Davenport but Rose broke up the pin attempt. Satomura built up momentum and hit a double DDT to Rose and Davenport.

* Satomura hit the scorpio rising to Davenport but Rose then hit the “kiss by a Rose” to Davenport that also took Satomura down. Rose pinned Davenport to unify the titles.