Results of Wardlow vs. Christian Cage at AEW Double or Nothing 2023

Wardlow (c) vs. Christian Cage for the TNT title took place at AEW Double or Nothing 2023. Here are the highlights…

* Christian tried to hit the killswitch early but Wardlow easily powered out of it. Wardlow went for a ladder on the outside but Christian caught him with a baseball slide. Christian went for a dive but Wardlow hit Christian with the ladder. Wardlow then set up a table on the outside.

* Wardlow gave Christian a spinning press slam onto a ladder. Wardlow was on the verge of winning when Luchasaurus threw Christian back into the ring.

* Wardlow laid Christian on a ladder and went for a swanton bomb but Christian was able to move. Arn Anderson came down to Wardlow and gave him some motivation. Wardlow jumped off the top rope as Christian was climbed the ladder and both crashed to the mat.

* The ladder was broken so Wardlow went for another one but Luchasaurus gave him two chokeslams. Arn Anderson came into the ring and Luchasaurus was going to chokeslam him but Anderson bit his thumb. Luchasaurus’ thumb was bleeding.

* Wardlow laid out Luchasaurus onto two tables and put him through them with a swanton bomb off the ladder.

* Back in the ring, Christian tried to get the title but Arn Anderson tipped it over and Wardlow powerbombed Christian. Wardlow then climbed the ladder and grabbed the title to retain.