Results of Theory vs. Mustafa Ali at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

Theory (c) vs. Mustafa Ali for the United States title took place at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022. Here are the highlights…

* There was a loud “Ali” chant at the start from his hometown fans. His wife and children were in attendance for the match. Ali took down Theory with several arm drags and Theory escaped to the outside. Ali came down onto Theory off the top rope with a crossbody.

* Theory gained control of the match after launching Ali shoulder-first into the ring post.

* Ali made a comeback and hit a tornado DDT. Ali put on an STF submission but Theory got to the rope. Ali went for the 450 splash but missed. Theory hit a chop block and then pinned Ali with A-Town Down.

* Theory took a selfie with his title after the match.