Results of the women’s tag team titles match at WWE Wrestlemania 38

Queen Zelina and Carmella (c) vs. Sasha Banks and Naomi vs. Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan vs. Natalya and Shayna Baszler for the WWE women’s tag team titles took place at WWE Wrestlemania 38 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Sasha and Naomi made their entrance while riding in a yellow sports car.

* Carmella was asking Zelina about her mask at the start of the match. Carmella tagged in but then immediately tagged out to Sasha. Natalya and Shayna attacked Naomi on the outside of the ring while Carmella and Zelina attacked Rhea on the opposite side.

* Order was restored as Shayna targeted the leg of Liv. Zelina tagged in and hit the Code Red but Rhea stopped the pinfall.

* Things broke down again and there were stereo tower of doom spots with all eight women.

* There were several pinfalls broken up and nearfalls. Sasha hit a frogsplash to Carmella but she kicked out. Sasha put the Banks Statement on but Zelina pulled Carmella to the outside. Sasha and Naomi recovered and double teamed Carmella with a glam slam/codebreaker combo. Sasha then pinned Carmella to win the titles for her and Naomi.

* This match ended Sasha’s 0-6 losing streak at Wrestlemania.