Results of The Usos vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at WWE Wrestlemania 39

The Usos (c) vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for the unified tag team titles took place at WWE Wrestlemania 39 Saturday. Here are the highlights…

* Rapper Lil Uzi Vert performed just before The Usos made their entrance. Owens and Zayn had a normal entrance and Michael Cole brought up how they are “blue collar” superstars. Corey Graves also mentioned how Owens and Zayn made a name for themselves in nearby Reseda, CA (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla).

* Jey started the match with Sami. Usos dominated the early part of the match as they worked over Zayn. Zayn tagged out to Owens and Owens hit a swanton off the top to the Usos on the outside. Back in the ring, Owens hit a frogsplash to Jey but Jey kicked out. The Usos regained the upper hand but couldn’t put away Zayn.

* Zayn gave Jey a brainbuster on the apron while Owens hit a swanton to Jimmy but Jimmy kicked out. Zayn with Jimmy with an Uso splash but Jimmy kicked out again.

* The Usos regained control and hit multiple superkicks to Owens and Zayn. They hit a double superkick to Zayn but he kicked out. They hit another double superkick but Zayn kicked out once again. Owens prevented a 1D and got back into the fight. On the outside, The Usos ended up teaming up and slamming Owens through one of the announce tables.

* Back in the ring, The Usos hit the 1D but Zayn managed to kick out at the last moment. Jey started trash talking and slapped Zayn around. Jey then hit Zayn with his own Helluva kick. Jey continued trash talking and Zayn managed to deliver a exploder suplex into the corner. Owens recovered and got the hot tag.

* Owens hit the stunner to Jey but Jey kicked out. All four got up and the crowd gave them a standing ovation. A hockey fight broke out and Owens hit multiple superkicks to the Usos. The Usos countered with their own superkicks to Owens and Zayn was knocked off the apron. The Usos hit double splashes off the top but Owens kicked out.

* Zayn was able to save Owens from an avalanche 1D. Zayn tagged back in and hit the Helluva kick to Jey. Zayn hit a 2nd Helluva kick and Owens hit the stunner to Jimmy. Zayn hit a 3rd Helluva kick to Jey to win the tag team titles.

* Owens was visibly emotional as him and Zayn hugged after the match.