Results of The Usos vs. New Day at WWE Day 1 2022 PPV

Smackdown Tag Team Titles
The Usos (c) vs. The New Day

* New Day had the early momentum as the crowd chanted “New Day Rocks” but The Usos were quickly able to gain the upper hand. The duo worked over Kofi and Woods was knocked off the apron to prevent a hot tag.

* Kofi was eventually able to tag in Woods and Woods cleaned house. Woods went for a dive on Jimmy but Jey took the bullet. Jimmy regained control of the match for his team.

* Xavier tagged out to Kofi and New Day got back into the match. Kofi hit the boom drop but Trouble in Paradise was countered. Jimmy nailed a frog splash but Kofi kicked out. The crowd erupted in a “this is awesome” chant.

* Jimmy targeted the knee of Kofi that was injured in storyline and put on a submission but Kofi got to the rope. Kofi recovered and got several nearfalls on Jey. New Day double teamed Jey but he still kicked out.

* Usos hit double superkicks to Kofi. The duo then hit dueling frogsplashes to Kofi but Woods broke up the pinfall. Both teams got to their feet and then the fight continued. The Usos then hit a 3D on Kofi and scored the victory.