Results of The O.C. vs. Judgment Day from WWE Crown Jewel 2022

The O.C. vs. Judgment Day took place at WWE Crown Jewel 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Michael Cole brought up the “Bullet Club” on commentary. Big men Damian Priest and Luke Gallows went at it in the early moments. Things started to break down with all six men and Judgment Day took control. Judgment Day worked over Anderson and Balor taunted Styles. Judgment Day attacked Gallows and Styles to prevent a tag but Gallows was eventually able to tag back in.

* Anderson and Gallows went for the magic killer on Dominik but Priest stopped it. Styles tagged in and built up momentum. Balor avoided the Styles Clash and applied a figure four leglock. Things broke down again with everybody in the ring.

* Styles went for the phenomenal forearm but Ripley attacked him while the referee was distracted. Balor then hit the coup de grace to pick up the win.