Results of The Elite vs. The Dark Order and Adam Page at AEW All Out 2022

The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)) vs. The Dark Order (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) and Adam Page in the tournament final for the inaugural AEW World Trios Championship took place at AEW All Out 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Justin Roberts introduced Omega as “Kevin Nash’s favorite wrestler.” Omega had no compression shirt and no tape with the announcers teasing that he might be back at 100%.

* Reynolds wanted a handshake but Matt spit in his face which fired up Reynolds. The Dark Order targeted Matt’s lower back and Page told them to back off. Omega tagged in and faced off with Page.

* The Elite took control of the match and the announcers questioned if Page made a mistake in showing compassion for Matt. Silver got a hot tag and took out Brandon Culter and Michael Nakazawa on the outside. Silver hit the spin doctor on Matt but Omega made the save.

* Page and the Dark Order triple teamed Omega but he still managed to kick out. With the help of the Bucks, Omega started to build momentum and hit a dive to the outside onto Page and the Dark Order.

*The Bucks and Dark Order took each other out with superkicks which left Omega and Page alone in the ring. The crowd erupted as the two exchanged blows. Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98 but Page kicked out. Page hit an avalanche fallaway slam but Omega kicked out. Page hit the buckshot lariat and went for another one but Matt grabbed his foot. Nick hit a buckshot lariat to Page and then the Bucks hit a BTE trigger. However, Reynolds broke up the pin. The crowd chanted “this is awesome.”

* Omega hit the v-trigger and went for the one winged angel but Silver countered into a pin attempt that Omega barely kicked out of. Page came in a buckshot lariat but accidentally hit Silver. Omega then pinned Silver to win the match.