Results of the 2024 WWE men’s Elimination Chamber match

Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley vs. LA Knight vs. Kevin Owens vs. Logan Paul took place at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024. Here are the highlights…

* During the entrances, Logan taunted Owens who was inside his pod and Owens started headbutting the plexiglass. Orton did his pose on top of Lashley’s pod. Knight then did his pose on top of Orton’s pod.

* McIntyre and Knight started the match. When McIntyre took control, there was a CM Punk chant. McIntyre mocked Punk’s taunt and went for a Go 2 Sleep but Knight countered. Knight slammed McIntrye’s head into the plexiglass repeatedly and the crowd said “yeah” each time.

* Owens was the next entrant. Owens taunted both Orton and Logan who were still in their pods.

* Lashley entered the match next and went right after McIntyre.

* Orton was the next man to come out of his pod. Orton gave Owens a draping DDT on the chamber floor. Orton starting favoring his back from the DDT.

* Logan drew “Kevin sucks” inside his pod but when he was released from it, Owens immediately attacked him. Lashley threw Owens through one of the pods and then speared Logan into another pod. A “thank you Bobby” chant started but then McIntyre laid out Lashley with a claymore. McIntyre then hit another claymore and pinned Lashley.

* Knight hit a BFT to both Orton and McIntyre but then AJ Styles suddenly attacked Knight with a steel chair. Styles gave Knight a Styles clash on the chair. Referees got Styles out of the ring and McIntyre then pinned Knight.

* Owens hit several big moves but was then eliminated by Orton via an RKO. Logan came off the top of the pod with a crossbody to Mcintyre. Logan then pulled out brass knuckles but was hit by Orton with an RKO and got pinned.

* Orton went for an RKO to McIntyre but McIntyre countered. McIntyre wanted to deliver the claymore but Orton was struggling to get to his feet. Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere but then Logan knocked out Orton with the brass knuckles and McIntyre scored the victory.