Results of the 2022 women’s WWE Elimination Chamber match

2022 women’s WWE Elimination Chamber match

* Alexa Bliss was the last entrant but Nikki ASH and Liv Morgan started the match. Alexa had a swing in her pod. Nikki was distracted by Rhea and Alexa in the pods.

* Doudrop was the 3rd entrant and went right after Nikki. Doudrop dominated both of them and slammed them into the cage.

* Rhea was the 4th entrant and targeted Nikki. Nikki tried to climb up the cage to escape from Rhea but was caught. Rhea pinned Nikki with the riptide.

* Alexa was the 5th entrant and got offense on multiple people. Liv hit Doudrop with a sunset flip powerbomb and pinned her.

* Bianca was the 6th and final entrant. Bianca and Rhea had a faceoff and Rhea slapped her. A fight broke out between the two of them. Alexa pinned Liv with the twisted bliss.

* Bianca pinned Rhea with the KOD and it was down to Bianca and Alexa. Bianca powerbombed Alexa into the cage twice and went for a 450 but missed. Bianca countered the DDT and hit the KOD to pick up the win. Fireworks went off as Bianca is now the challenger for the RAW women’s title at Wrestlemania 38.