Results of Team Bryan Danielson vs. Team Jay White at AEW Worlds End 2023 PPV

Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Mark Briscoe & Daniel Garcia vs. Jay White, Rush, Jay Lethal & Brody King took place at the 2023 AEW Worlds End PPV event. Here are the highlights…

* Bryan built up early momentum on White but then Garcia tagged himself in. Brody came in and took control while knocking Garcia’s partners off the apron. Brody taunted Daddy Magic at ringside and called him a “bitch.”

* Garcia was worked over for a few minutes but then he was able to tag out to Briscoe. Things started to break and there was brawling on the outside. White was able to regain the upper hand for his team.

* Claudio tagged in and went at it with Brody while the crowd chanted “meat” during every shot. Claudio was able to deliver the big swing to Brody. The PPV feed went out for about 30 seconds around this point.

* Everyone took turns hitting big moves and Garcia ended up pinning Lethal to win the match for his team. Briscoe danced with Garcia after the match.