Results of Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro at WWE Wrestlemania 37

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

* Rollins made his entrance with fire pyro and another new theme song.

* Cesaro hit a uppercut right off the bat and attempted to swing Rollins but Rollins was able to avoid it. Cesaro kept attempting the swing but Rollins had counters. Rollins missed a stomp and Cesaro was finally able to swing Rollins. Cesaro went for a submission but Rollins got to the rope. Rollins recovered and hit a corkscrew splash off the top for a nearfall.

* Cesaro hit a neutralizer but Rollins was able to kick out. Rollins came back with a pedigree but Cesaro kicked out. Cesaro countered a stomp with an uppercut and then did an airplane spin without using his arms. Cesaro started swinging Rollins again and did 23 rotations. Cesaro then hit another neutralizer and picked up the victory. Cesaro got a huge pop for his win and was emotional.