Results of Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns/Solo Sikoa at WWE Night of Champions 2023

Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns/Solo Sikoa for the unified tag team titles took place at WWE Night of Champions 2023. Here are the highlights…

* Zayn wore a Thawb (Arab garment) and cut a promo in Arabic to hype up the match.

* The crowd was firmly behind Zayn and popped big when he tagged in to start the match with Reigns. However, Reigns decided to tag out and have Sikoa start with Zayn. Owens and Zayn built up early momentum but then Reigns took cheap shots to help Sikoa gain control.

* Reigns and Sikoa worked over Zayn and Sikoa superkicked Owens off the apron. Zayn was eventually able to tag out to Owens. Owens was unable to put away Reigns with a popup powerbomb and Reigns came back with a superman punch but Owens kicked out. Owens hit a stunner but Reigns bounced off the apron and delivered a spear which led to both men tagging out.

* Zayn hit the heulluva kick but Reigns broke up the pin. Reigns went for a spear but accidentally took out the referee. Zayn hit Reigns with a superman punch and went for a spear but Reigns delivered his superman punch. Owens came back in and speared Reigns.

* Owens was going to put Reigns through the announce table when The Usos attacked Owens. Back in the ring, The Usos superkicked Zayn and went for a double superkick but Zayn ducked and Sikoa was hit by mistake. Reigns was irate and pie-faced Jimmy. Reigns yelled at Jey and then Jimmy superkicked Reigns. Jey was upset with Jimmy and Jimmy said he did what Jey should’ve done a long time ago. Jimmy then gave Reigns another superkick to a huge pop.

* After The Usos left, Zayn hit Sikoa with the helluva kick and a new referee arrived to count out Sikoa.