Results of Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens from WWE Royal Rumble 2023

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens for the unified WWE Universal title took place at WWE Royal Rumble 2023. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, Hardy performed his “Sold Out” song in the ring.

* Reigns came to the ring with Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn. The crowd started a “Sami Uso” chant as the match started. Reigns and Owens had a feeling out process in the early moments and then brawled on the outside of the ring. The two got back in the ring and Reigns took control.

* Owens started to build some momentum and hit a frogsplash but Reigns kicked out. Reigns came back with a superman punch but Owens kicked out. Owens sidestepped a spear and hit a swanton but Reigns kicked out again.

* Reigns was finally able to hit his spear but Owens kicked out. Owens went for the stunner but the referee was accidentally knocked down. Owens hit the popup powerbomb and had the match won but there was no referee. Reigns then hit a low blow and told Zayn to get a chair. Zayn got one and gave it to Reigns after a brief hesitation. Owens then hit Reigns with a stunner before Reigns could use the chair. However, Reigns kicked out.

* Reigns hit a superman punch and spear but Owens kicked out. Owens rolled to the outside and Zayn told Owens to stay down. Owens refused so Reigns went outside and speared Owens through the barricade. Reigns then slammed the back of Owens’ head into the steel steps twice.

* Back in the ring, Owens continued to fight back but then Reigns hit the spear to score the pinfall victory.

* After the match, the Bloodline continued to attack Owens. The Usos hit the 1D on Owens. A chair was wrapped around Owens’ neck and Solo hit the hip attack in the corner. Owens was then handcuffed to the corner and The Usos hit him repeatedly with superkicks. Reigns was going to hit Owens with a steel chair but Zayn stopped him. Zayn said it’s beneath Reigns and enough damage was done. Reigns handed the chair to Zayn to finish off Owens. Zayn hesitated as Reigns yelled at him to either be the main event or do the “Jackass shit.” Reigns told Zayn to pull the trigger and then slapped Zayn around. Zayn took the chair and hit Reigns with it. The crowd erupted but then Jimmy hit Zayn with a superkick. Solo hit the Samoan spike and the beatdown continued as Jey watched in the corner. Jey ended up leaving the ring and walked to the entrance. Reigns repeatedly attacked Zayn with the chair. The crowd started a “fuck you Roman” chant as the Bloodline stood tall and the show ended.