Results of Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro at Wrestlemania Backlash 2021

Roman Reigns (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Cesaro
Singles match for the WWE Universal Championship

* Before the match, Reigns wanted Jey Uso to find his brother Jimmy and Reigns went to the ring with just Paul Heyman.

* Cesaro had vampire fangs as his mouth guard.

* Cesaro tried to pin Reigns several times early in the match but Reigns kicked out at one. Reigns took a break on the outside of the ring.

* Back in the ring, Cesaro went for a swing but Reigns got to the rope. Cesaro was sent out of the ring and started selling his arm.

* Reigns dominated the match for a while but then Cesaro made a comeback and built up momentum.

* Reigns regained the upper hand and went after Cesaro’s bad arm. Reigns gave a shout-out to Daniel Bryan as he was working over Cesaro’s arm. Reigns continued to trash talk but Cesaro stayed in the fight.

* Cesaro tried to hit the neutralizer but his bad arm gave out on him. Reigns hit a superman punch but Cesaro kicked out. Reigns then put on the guillotine submission but Cesaro was able to power out.

* Cesaro got a sharpshooter on Reigns and then transitioned into a crossface. With Cesaro’s arm still hurt, Reigns was able to break out. Reigns got the guillotine on a second time. Cesaro tried to power out again but couldn’t do it. Cesaro eventually passed out and Reigns retained the title.

* After the match, Jey Uso arrived and recognized Reigns as the head of the table. Jey then hit Cesaro with a superkick. Jey was going to hit a frogsplash but Seth Rollins interrupted. Rollins teased a confrontation with Reigns but then attacked Cesaro as well. Rollins grabbed a chair and used it on Cesaro repeatedly. Rollins wrapped Cesaro’s arm into the chair and slammed it into the ring post. Rollins then hit a curb stomp to Cesaro as the PPV went off the air.