Results of Oba Femi vs. Dijak vs. Josh Briggs at WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2024

Oba Femi (c) vs. Dijak vs. Josh Briggs for the North American title took place during the WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2024 PLE in Philadelphia, PA. Here are the highlights…

* Dijak and Briggs double teamed Oba in the opening moment. They repeatedly hit Oba with shoulder tackles and sent him out of the ring. Oba gained the upper hand and slammed Dijak onto Briggs on the floor. Oba threw an announcer chair at Briggs but he was then superkicked into the chair by Dijak. Dijak climbed up to the top but was caught by Briggs and thrown into Oba who was still in the chair.

* Back in the ring, Dijak went at it with Briggs while Oba was outside of the ring. Both were on the top and Briggs hit a top rope clothesline but Dijak managed to get to the rope. Oba got back into the match and traded blows with the other two. Dijak chokeslammed Briggs but Briggs managed to kick out at one. Dijak hit a Canadian Destroyer but Briggs kicked out again.

* There was a three-way spot where Dijak had Briggs on his shoulders in the corner. Oba hoisted both of them up on his shoulders and dropped them to the mat.

* Dijak hit the Feast Your Eyes to Oba but Briggs pulled out the referee and the fans started a “bullshit” chant. Dijak came over the top with a dive to Briggs. Dijak sent Oba through the barriacde and then hit Feast Your Eyes to Briggs. Dijak got Briggs back into the ring and hit another Feast Your Eyes. However, Oba powerbombed Dijak onto Briggs and then pinned Briggs to retain his title.