Results of New Day vs. Lashley/AJ Styles/Omos at WWE Extreme Rules 2021

New Day vs. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Omos

* The audio issues that started during the Kickoff show continued briefly during introductions for this match as the French commentary was being heard along with the English commentary.

* Styles got the calf crusher on Woods right after but Woods was able to get to the rope. Styles also got the advantage over Kingston and then Big E tagged in. Big E tossed Styles over to the corner and Lashley tagged in. New Day teamed up on Lashley but then Styles and Omos provided a distraction to help Lashley gain the upper hand.

* The heels worked over Kofi for several minutes. Lashley attacked Big E on the outside and Kofi had nobody to tag. Kofi was eventually able to tag out to Woods. Big E recovered and tagged back in. Big E and Styles went back and forth. Kofi went for a dive to the outside but was chopped by Omos.

* Lashley accidentally speared Styles and then Big E pinned Lashley with the Big Ending.