Results of MJF vs. Adam Cole at AEW All In 2023

MJF vs. Adam Cole for the world title took place at AEW All In 2023. Here are the highlights…

* MJF was brought to the ring in a throne while wearing his Devil mask.

* When the match started, the two put on their t-shirts. On commentary, Nigel McGuinness was skeptical that neither of them were going to take any shortcuts. The two shook hands and had a feeling out process. MJF went for another handshake and got the crowd to chant “sportsmanship” but then gave Cole a thumb to the eyes. MJF helped up Cole but was then slapped.

* The match went back and forth. MJF was going for a dive but hesitated and Cole took advantage with a superkick. Cole started trash talking and ripped off their t-shirt which angered MJF. MJF punched Cole in the corner and then bit his face. Cole went to the outside of the ring and MJF was finally able to hit his dive.

* The two kept reversing each other’s pin attempts. Cole hit the heatseeker but MJF got his foot on the ropes. Cole sent MJF to the outside and gave MJF a brainbuster on the steel steps. MJF barely beat the 10 count back into the ring.

* The fight continued on the outside of the ring. MJF wanted to give Cole a tombstone piledriver on the announce table but felt guilty and aborted the move. Cole took advantage and gave MJF a piledriver on the table. Cole got MJF back in the ring and went for the cover but MJF kicked out. Cole hit a destroyer but MJF was able to bust out a superkick and both guys were down.

* Cole and MJF hit each other with clotheslines at the same time and there was a double pin. The crowd booed and the referee said the match was a draw. Cole got on the mic and demanded five more minutes with MJF. MJF said no because five minutes wasn’t enough and “it’s going until we got a f*cking winner in Wembley.”

* The match restarted and there was a referee bump. MJF grabbed a chair and tried to act like Cole hit him. While Cole argued with the referee, MJF rolled up Cole but Cole kicked out. MJF then hit a heatseeker DDT but Cole kicked out again.

* Cole recovered and gave MJF a Panama Sunrise on the floor. Cole got MJF back in the ring and went for a cover but MJF kicked out. Cole went for another PS in the ring but accidentally gave it to the referee when MJF moved out of the way. MJF put on his Dynamite Diamond ring but hesitated and dropped it. Roderick Strong then showed up and gave MJF a low blow. Cole hit the PS and the boom kick but the referee was slow with his count and MJF kicked out.

* Strong tossed the AEW title in the ring and told Cole to use it while saying he was Cole’s best friend. Cole hesitated and threw the title down. Strong walked out on Cole in disgust. MJF then rolled up Cole with an inside cradle and scored the victory to retain his title.

* After the match, Cole was crying. MJF tried to motivate him by saying the people still love him and it could’ve gone either way. MJF brought in the ROH tag team tiles and Cole threw them down. MJF was furious and dared Cole to hit him with the AEW world title. Strong returned and told Cole to hit MJF but Cole once again refused. MJF and Cole ended up hugging it out and pyro went off as Cole raised MJF’s hand.