Results of Miro vs. Eddie Kingston at AEW All Out 2021

Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston
Singles match for the AEW TNT Championship

* Kingston was wearing a “redeem deez nutz” t-shirt coming off Friday’s episode of Rampage when he used that line during apromo.

* Miro tried to get the Game Over on early but quickly bailed to the outside when Kingston built up momentum. Kingston went after Miro on the outside but Miro was able to gain the advantage. Kingston was defiant and slapped Miro repeatedly but Miro took Kingston down again.

* Kingston stayed in the fight as the two traded blows. Kingston made a comeback but couldn’t get the pin on Miro. Miro kicked Kingston and then got the Game Over submission on but Kingston got to the rope.

* The turnbuckle got exposed and Kingston tried to throw Miro into it but the referee stopped it. Miro hit a low blow and then pinned Kingston after kicking Kingston two more times.