Results of Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens from WWE Royal Rumble 2024

Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens for the United States title took place at WWE Royal Rumble 2024. Here are the highlights…

* Owens was not wearing a cast for his hand.

* Logan went for a handshake but Owens declined and went right after him. Logan quickly retreated to the outside but Owens went after him. Logan finally got the upper hand and slammed Owens’ hand into the ring post.

* Back in the ring, Logan came off the top with a crossbody and continued going after Owens’ hand. Owens made a comeback and hit a top rope frogsplash but Logan kicked out. Owens went for a swanton but Logan got his knees up. Logan went for a swanton of his own but Owens moved out of the way. Logan recovered and hit a Buckshot lariat followed by a top rope splash but Owens kicked out.

* Logan avoided a stunner and hit his knock out punch to Owens but Owens kicked out. One of Logan’s friends jumped the barricade and security showed up. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory then ran down to the ring. Theory gave brass knuckles to Logan but Owens took them and hit Logan. Owens went for the cover and the referee started to make the count but then noticed the knuckles and disqualified Owens.

* After the match, Owens put Logan through the announce table.