Results of Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn at WWE Wrestlemania 37

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

* JBL was the special guest color commentator for this match.

* Sami Zayn introduced Logan Paul before the match and Paul sat down at ringside to watch the match. Paul was largely booed by the fans.

* There was a “KO” chant when the match started and Owens took the fight to Zayn right away. The two were on the apron and Zayn got the upper hand by giving Owens a brainbuster. Owens nearly got counted out.

* Zayn hit two exploder suplexes in the corner and then a brainbuster but Owens kicked out. The crowd started a “this is awesome” chant at this point. Owens made a comeback and hit a fisherman suplex from the 2nd ropes. Zayn came back with a helluva kick but didn’t go for the cover. Zayn went for another one but Owens countered with a superkick. Owens hit the stunner and scored the victory.

* After the match, Paul wanted to shake hands with Owens. Zayn yelled at Paul and Paul shoved Zayn down. Zayn took his leave and Paul raised Owens’ hand. Owens then hit Paul with a stunner which got a big pop from the crowd.