Results of Kenny Omega vs. Adam Page at AEW Full Gear 2021

Kenny Omega vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

* Prior to Page’s entrance, a video was shown of him riding through the streets of Minneapolis on his horse with clips shown of his feud with Omega.

* The two had a staredown and exchanged words before the match got going. Don Callis grabbed Page’s boot in the early moments which helped Omega get the advantage and the crowd chanted “f*ck Don Callis.” Callis kept getting involved whenever he could.

* Page made a comeback as the crowd chanted “cowboy shit.” Page hit his trademark moonsault to Omega on the outside of the ring. Page’s momentum ended when Omega had a springboard sunset liger bomb from the top rope. Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98 but Page was able to kick out.

* Page got a nearfall on Omega but Omega kicked out and escaped to the outside of the ring. Page jumped off the top rope with a flying lariat that sent Omega through a table.

* Back in the ring, Page hit several big moves and then went for the buckshot lariat but the Omega pulled the referee in front of him to take the blow. Callis attempted to use the AEW world title but Page stopped him. Omega tried to use but Page was able to hit the dead eye. Aubrey Edwards ran down to be the second referee but Omega kicked out.

* Omega and Page traded shots and Page called Omega a “motherf*cker” before delivering a lariat. The crowd started an “AEW” chant and then The Young Bucks arrived.

* Omega countered a buckshot lariat. Page was able to hit the One Winged Angel on Omega but Omega kicked out. Page hit a buckshot to the back of Omega’s head. Matt Jackson nodded at Page and then Page hit Omega with another lariat to win the title.

* After the match, the Dark Order came to the ring and celebrated with Page.