Results of Joe Gacy vs. Shawn Spears at WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2024

Joe Gacy vs. Shawn Spears took place during the WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2024 PLE in Philadelphia, PA. Here are the highlights…

* As Gacy was making his entrance, Ridge Holland attacked him from behind with a steel chair to the back. Holland left and Gacy recovered for the match. Spears targeted the back of Gacy and applied a Boston Crab but Gacy was able to reach the rope.

* Gacy started to make a comeback but was still selling his back. Gacy hit a springboard moonsault but Spears kicked out. The two ended up outside and Spears slammed Gacy back-first onto the apron. They got back in the ring and Gacy hit a uranage but Spears kicked out again. Gacy missed a swanton and Spears hit a pedigree but Gacy kicked out. Gacy avoided a C4 and picked up the victory with a handspring lariat.