Results of Ilja Dragunov vs. Baron Corbin at WWE NXT Deadline 2023 PLE

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov vs. Baron Corbin took place during the WWE NXT Deadline 2023 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* Corbin made his entrance on a motorcycle.

* The two fought on the outside early and Dragunov gave Corbin a German suplex on the floor. Dragunov tried to deliver more damage but was driven into the announce table ribs-first by Corbin.

* Corbin worked over Dragunov for several minutes and Dragunov struggled to fight back. Dragunov came off the top rope with a senton but couldn’t make a cover due to the pain in his ribs.

* The two traded shots and Corbin was rocked in the corner. Dragunov delivered machine gun chops and then a running knee in the corner. Dragunov attempted a powerbomb but couldn’t do it.

* Both were on the top and Corbin took down Dragunov with an avalanche chokeslam. Corbin hit Deep Six but Dragunov kicked out.

* Dragunov finally managed to hit his powerbomb to Corbin. Dragunov then hit Coast to Coast but still couldn’t make the cover. Dragunov built up momentum and hit three H-Bombs. Dragunov said something to Corbin and then finished him off with a Torpedo Moscow to score the victory.

* Trick Williams appeared after the match to confront Dragunov.